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Are you a visionary, looking to bring something new into the world? Are you accomplished in many areas, and looking for success at something new? Are you looking to clarify what impact you choose to have on the world around you? read more...
Are you ready for a change, and wondering which path to take next?   What would life be like with less stress? What would you say if you knew your voice would be HEARD? What commitments would you make if deciding was easier? What if you knew how to get unstuck in that one area?   If you could do one thing, and you KNEW you’d be successful, what would it be?
Sailboat Coaching International


Ann Friesen
Terry has shown true leadership. He keeps us really focused on getting to the place that we signed up for. You have all the right elements to be successful. Where do you want to go?? – Adriana Markman
Edward James Kerrie
Terry’s artistic and sometimes whimsical approach to topics provides a good counterpoint to the “blocking and tackling” fundamentals of business and finance as we find new ways to ask the question ‘why” instead of simply and monotonously pursuing the ‘how’. – Bruce Penner
Shelly Foster Milsap
Terry has been an amazing Captain, coach and leader for us, I’ve learned a lot from him! …I had my breakthrough! I would recommend it for anyone who wants to take that next step! – Vivian Berg