Create lasting and meaningful relationships with Coaches from around the world!

2019 Coaching Mastery
Noon on June 30th – July 5th



Taste the local food from the Vancouver sailing area. ūüėÄ

Practice your sailing teamwork under the leadership of our patient and knowledgeable team. Revisiting the basics whether you are an expert or total beginner

Spend time soaking in the nature of Beautiful British Columbia

Practice Joy. Practice Stillness. See the world together. ūüėÄ

Stay quiet and get close to Pacific wildlife.


Sink deep into group coaching with coaches who are ready to get real, and are flexible to the needs you bring with you.

Get personal and feel safe to be vulnerable in our small group coaching!

Coaching Mastery is about (re)igniting your coaching through connection and momentum outdoors!¬† Let us empower you to impact the world in creative, and meaningful¬†ways.¬† We’ll do this through a combination of group coaching, rest, and individual coaching.¬† We believe that sailing together in beautiful BC is the perfect setting to make lasting and radical improvements to your life AND coaching practice.¬† Unplug with us, set aside distractions, and get ready to focus in.¬†¬†

How do you want your life coach to support you?

 Captain and head Coach TerrythesailboatCoach

Terry is a visionary, an entrepreneur, coach, and a sailor. A generous listener, he will engage with your story on a level that allows you to see and hear yourself better. With a superb imagination, Terry will help you gain access to a path that is truly your own.  All the while, keeping you safe and warm on the journey to the edge of your comfort zone.



Coach Pat rocking the SCI Jersey in the Caribbean

Pat Colead the Coaching Mastery Mastermind group with Terry before it ever became a Sailboat Coaching trip!

Pat’s BIO

Pat loves calling people forth to their power and their real unmasked selves. ¬†After more than two decades of working with individuals and groups, Pat¬†can handle the full spectrum of the¬†human experience with ease ‚ÄĒ¬†from difficult situations and challenging emotions, to lightness¬†and humor -while creating a container of love, trust and respect.¬† His mission is to Co-create the answers with those who are present to one of the most powerful and relevant questions there is,¬†‚ÄúWhat is needed now?‚Ä̬† Whether the sailing is smooth, stormy, or fun; he taps into the synergistic brilliance of all who are present.

My intention for the participants who engage in this soulful journey with Sailboat Coaching International, is that they walk away from this experience having connected so deeply to their own true longing, that nothing will ever have the power to stop them as they move towards that longing.

Coach Alexia is Master of the Galley and Whole hearted health!

Alexia Colead the Coaching Mastery Mastermind group with Terry before it ever became a Sailboat Coaching trip!


Alexia was a free-range kid who developed a love for physical activity and the outdoors early in life. She finds joy in cultivating connection and being part of creating healthy and supportive communities, where people are learning and growing together. From a deep desire for harmony with self and others, Alexia brings empathy, curiosity and calm quiet determination. As a health and wellness coach, she is passionate about empowering people to thrive by making small sustainable changes that over time, lead to optimal health and well-being in every aspect of their lives. 

Sails and Sunlight

You know the impact you are having with your clients!  Your big heart and belief for transformation is life changing.  And you know there is an even greater potential inside of you!  Unlock new superpowers.  The power of surrounding yourself with visionary coaches and entrepreneurs will nourish you and push your self perceived limitations.  The power of connection, and sharing support from people who SEE you and believe in your potential is intoxicating.  Allow yourself to be propelled.  Allow yourself to be limitless!!

Join us July 1st to 6th for Coaching Mastery in Beautiful Vancouver Canada! We strongly encourage our participants to stay an additional week to soak in the experience and the learning!¬† ¬†From the rugged peaks of Whistler, the lush back country of Squamish, and the multicultural charm of Vancouver, we have a long list of can’t miss recommendations!!

Reserve your spot today, before they are gone!!

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