OUCH!  DAMAGE CONTROL !  If you do anything often enough, you’ll eventually get it wrong.  Sometimes things just doesn’t go your way!  After almost 25 years of sailing and chartering around the world, I have always had my complete damage deposit returned.  And then this happened.  We lost our main halyard, and consequently our mainsail was no longer usable.  Controlling damage can be a natural reaction when something didn’t go according to plan.

Now What??

Who are you when things don’t go the way you were hoping?  Do you lose control?  Do you lose perspective?  This one was disappointing.  But no one got hurt.  Other than our boat.  (boats have feelings TOO you know!)  It cost me some money out of pocket to make repairs.  Lessons were learned.  Here is to hoping it is a long time before I see another boat in pain!