Should I be worried??  To worry or not to worry, if that is the question, then I would say don’t bother.

What’s the point?

We all worry from time to time.  Can anyone think of a time when worrying has helped the situation in any way?  Worrying just takes up energy, and distracts us from what we should be focused on.  Speaking of focus, I don’t know if I can live with the blurriness of this picture.  The intention is to show visually what happens when we lose focus on what is important to us, and within our ability to control.  Perhaps this picture is too effective, because it is giving me the same headache I get when I am out of alignment with my values in life, and my priorities go out of focus!

Let’s ask better questions

What is the posture we want to hold to the things in our lives that are not under are control?  What is the work we are willing to do in the areas of our lives that are out of control?  What are we going to do with the energy that we could have spent on worry?



the fine print:  The artist who created this sign is not
 someone that I know.  My purpose here is to engage with
 my own curiosity as an observer.  In no way am I 
attempting to act as an art critic, or to guess at the
 artists intent.