Croatia Trip


Our coaching trips keep getting better and better! Let’s start focusing in our our mindfulness, and planning our intentions for the trip and the coaching!

Beautiful Harbors

There is a tonne of stuff to see, and I can’t wait to explore Croatia with you!

Local Colour

Croatia is beautiful, and September is the sweet spot for a less crowded, and still summery experience.

Lunchtime swims

We love to take little sailing breaks for a swim or a dive.

Salmon Dinner in the Salon | Credit MKPhotomedia

Most often, it is breakfast underway, Lunch at an anchorage, and Dinner ashore. Either way, we eat like champions! Lex is cooking up some fabulous ideas to follow up on the meal plan from Coaching Mastery

… and did I mention the European wine?

Exploring Ashore

In Spain we explored abandoned castles from both the Spanish and the Moorish period. In Greece it was caves and the home of Odysseus. (YES that one) What will we find ashore in Croatia? Perhaps an Iron Throne?

Have you had a custom drink named after you?

We have been talking with our favorite mixologist. Wait until you try “The Monohuller”

But I don’t know how to sail very well (or at all). That is just fine, I can teach you. Everyone has something to contribute. The three most important elements are:

The Freedom of Committing

How do I send in my deposit to lock in my spot TODAY?

Over sized Flotilla