Wine and Chocolate Tour

Part 1 – May 25th (Friday)

Birthday Drinks on the Boat at Granville Island.  This is open house style.



Part 2 – May 26 and 27th (Saturday and Sunday)

Birthday Sailing to Snug Cove or Gibsons.  There will be cake.  …And of course Wine and Chocolate!  This part will FILL UP, so if you plan on sailing with us, commit early!



Part 3 –  May 28-30 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 

Cruise and Learn:  This part of the trip is focused on learning and improving sailing skills.  It is tailored to a client out of Calgary, and we would be happy to have an extra hand or two, so long as they came with good company.  😀


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Our Boat, a 41 foot Benateau named Claire Elise, sleeps 8.

Some of you will be able to join us for the whole thing, some only for one segment.  This is why we have broken it down into chunks.

Wine and Chocolate Packing List