“Limitations and boundaries only exist at the places where you stop going beyond. If you never stop, then you go beyond boundaries, beyond limitations, beyond the sense of the restricted self.” – Singer

What are your limitations?  Where are you stopping yourself?  What are you allowing to get in your way?

What are you willing to imagine yourself doing that you have never done yet?  What are you willing to fail at until you succeed?  If there is a cost to pay, who are you willing to BE?


What passions take you outside of your comfort zone? What drives you to explore, and expand your horizons? What limits do you place on your imagination?

Here is a man who isn’t afraid to do something unusual in pursuing his passion! Following his heart right into the tree canopy! So proud of you Chris! Keep building your dream!!


At a Canada Day celebration, this beautiful GIANT flag was hanging from a crane. Celebrants were trying to catch the bottom of it for a picture. Every time they thought they’d have it, the wind would push the light fabric just out of reach. Then this guy comes walking up, and without breaking a stride, he grabs cloth with both hands. How did he do it? As a sailor, I happen to know that you need to respond to where the wind is GOING to be. How often in life are we responding to preexisting feedback, rather than being where we are meant to be next?


Going Sideways

Sometimes when you are pushing the limits out on the water, the ocean gets beside you.  Working together as a team, we can get upright, and get underway again.  Gravity is our friend, it shows us which way is up.

In life, sometimes things also go sideways.  How do we get upright again?  What indicators do we look at to bring ourselves back into alignment?