Terry Barkman

Terry Barkman

Terry is a visionary, an entrepreneur, coach, and a sailor. A generous listener, he will engage with your story on a level that allows you to see and hear yourself better. With a superb imagination, Terry will help you gain access to a path that is truly your own.  All the while, keeping you safe and warm on the journey to the edge of your comfort zone.



My mission is to create momentum and connection through shared adventure outdoors, so that people feel empowered to impact the world in creative, meaningful ways!!

Sailboat Coaching

My most life changing discoveries have been made with the sound of the wind sliding over the sails, or the gentle lapping of water against the hull. Something magical happens when a small group of adventurers set out on a boat to explore the winds and the world together! Sharing this world with others is profoundly meaningful for me. In this sacred space, I choose to explore immersive small group coaching with you.

Own Your Worthiness Coaching

My individual coaching started off with a lot of design-life projects, solopreneurs, and creatives.  What keeps coming up though, for everyone of my clients, is the importance of deeply and fully believing in your own worth and value!  Confidence in work, life, and relationships are just some of the outcomes you will create when we work together!  

Stay tuned also, for my TEDx Talk (currently in editing) on creating quiet confidence in your work, life, and relationships!

Coaching is a partnership between two creative and resourceful humans. It creates possibilities, shifts perspectives, and improves self awareness. My coaching is tailored to who you are and where you are at in your story. It is YOU centered in a way that lets you own your magnificence and shine that out into the world!

Executive Team Building

Whether racing or cruising, sailboats are all about teamwork and communication. Learning to sail and communicate together on a boat is a natural fit for an executive team looking to refine how they work together. Ask about how we can custom design an event for your team!