What if we could have a meaningful and positive engagement with any of the questions our culture is asking?  For a long time, I have maintained that it isn’t possible to do so inside of a two party system.  What if I was wrong?  What would meaningful engagement look like?

If you look at the arguments being waged now inside a two party system; science vs. religion, red vs. blue, abortion vs gun control, all lives vs black lives, first amendment vs 2nd amendment…  If your position is one of the sides of these unhelpful arguments, I invite you to do better. What that exactly looks like, is a work the collective creativity to envision a positive way forward.

Because progress is not being made. You are not changing the mind of the “other” side. You are not looking at the world as it is, but from inside of a set of stories that are proving themselves to be increasingly unhelpful.

Wouldn’t you rather be a part of the solution?  What is the solution?  Well (and when I say we, I mean humanity) haven’t thought of it yet.  Even in Canada, we sometimes forget that we are not part of that two party world, and we try to take the teeth out of our thoughts and make them small enough to shoehorn into an uncomfortable crouch.

The best I have been able to do so far, is to avoid arguments with only two “sides.” For their lack of imagination, and unwillingness to see the world around them. And while I want to continue doing this, I want to do more. I want to be part of the solution. Life isn’t a true of false test. I want to see the way forward enough that we can invite others to join us.

Step outside of the argument!  Life isn’t multiple choice.  What would it look like if we could be better than that?

What if we could??

WHAT’S NEXT?? Denise



“I do my best thinking in nature, I am very drawn to water, this is a perfect place to do this kind of self work. It is very calming.”  Denise Doerksen

Denise, it was special to see the water working its calming magic on you!   Thanks for all the enthusiasm you brought to our trip.  😀  It thrills me to see the new found energy you are bringing to your life and business as an entrepreneur!  Keep pressing into your declaration.  I can’t wait to sail with you in the Caribbean, or the South Pacific!!

“It is a life changing experience!  …All my friends, you HAVE to do this!  You’ve gotta get yourself here!” … I’ll definitely be signing up for one of the tropical destinations!”  Denise Doerksen



What are you still curious about?  Is your curiosity growing?  When we were children, our curiosity was unlimited.  But for many of us, we learned to ask less questions.  We lost the ability to fall easily into wonder.  What if we were intentional about possibility??

It’s about being open to possibility, without attachment to a particular outcome….  It’s about letting our guards down and welcoming in the unknown, weaving intricate webs and connecting and everyone we encounter.”  Sue Abuelsamid

What intrigues me most about Sue is her Curiosity Project.  Do you get bored of talking about the same old thing all the time?  How often do you find yourself wondering how to start a more engaging conversation with someone?  What Sue has done, is created a list of questions to open up meaningful conversations.  We had coffee recently in an upscale Vancouver neighborhood, and she gave me the  gift of deeper conversation openers on pocket cards.  This is the Curiosity Project. So when you see me next, ask me about the Curiosity Project.  I can’t wait to see what card we get!!

“We could be curious, because we were unrestrained: we had stars above us and trees around us and anything was possible.”  Sue Abuelsamid


Here are a few treats from our recent adventures with TBark and the Monohullers in Spain!  20-25 knot winds were the norm.  Some days the wind really filled in!!  Castles were stormed, and fishes photobombed our snorkeling selfies.

Thanks to Frank Byl for the shot of our boat powering into the waves!   Thanks to Patrick and our friends atYacht sales west for providing the Barvaria 42 in Vancouver where the interview was shot!  Thanks to Amos Bracewell for enthusiastic interview!  Thanks to Ed Kerrie for cutting it all together!

Adam Hammil as himself

Alia Saurini as herself

Angele Arrieta as herself

Christie Pickering as herself

Jeremy Toews as himself

Josh Dolan as himself





WHAT’S NEXT?? Adriana

“I am doing something completely different! I am actually rebuilding my career… I’ve dropped everything! I am developing my OWN business!”

What Adriana articulates so well, is what it is like to experience Sailboat Coaching International as an entrepreneur.  We are fortunate to be able to sail and work together with visionary like her!  I can’t wait to see where she takes her coaching business!

WHAT’S NEXT?? Vivian

“For me, it is the genesis of a new beginning. Getting the break through that I’ve been looking for quite some time is the whole point of these coaching trips!”  Vivian Berg

Vivian brought so much energy and enthusiasm to this trip!  For one, I can’t wait to see where you are at with your declaration in a year or five!!  Keep investing in yourself and inspiring leaders you Alpha Mustang!

“You have to invest in yourself.  Everything starts with you.  Everything!   …When you want to change what’s going on outside, it starts within”

“I would recommend Sailboat Coaching International for anyone who wants to take that NEXT step!”  Vivian Berg


WHAT’S NEXT?? Michelle

“When I met Terry, I instantly knew that this was for me!  His vision is just really coming from the right place.  He is a change agent!”

Working with Michelle has been a treat!  And I can’t wait to work together with her on Sailboat Coaching International Trips in 2018!  Her enthusiasm for connecting with participants is heartwarming and inspiring.  😀


“Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him, or as flying in an airplane does to falling out of an airplane. Although the one experience precedes the other, it in no way prepares you for it.”  Annie Dillard, Total Eclipse

Totality.  Sometimes the difference between 99.9% and 100% is a little hard to describe.  A mostly eclipse it gets a little darker.  A total eclipse means you can stare directly at the sun without the eclipse glasses.  It get cold.  You can see stars in the daytime.  That kind of dark. If you haven’t born witness to a total eclipse, you really should read Annie Dillard’s Total Eclipse.  Reading about a total eclipse is more like the real thing than seeing a partial eclipse in person.  No one does a better job at describing something that you can look right at without comprehending.

Where are you willing to be 100%??  When are you willing to lay it all out for that last little bit?

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Bergman, who stood in the hops field with me, waiting for the sun to vanish, and the stars to appear.



“Scarcity thinking is an attitude” – Zander

Where is your imagination limiting you?  What would you do if you dreamed a little bigger?  If you could do ANYTHING, and you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would it be?

Talking to a close friend in a tree house recently, we agreed that anytime you can spend more time being in alignment with your values, that is worthwhile.  I used to limit myself by 100% thinking.  Unless I could be a full time professional writer, I wouldn’t write at all.  Well, I still need to earn a living somehow, so how can I create space to do more of what I love?  Many of the things that are worth doing take a long time to build.  What if that is ok?  What if I am willing to give myself the gift of time?  What might that look like?