Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a co leader?
There is a lot of interest in co leader positions! The first step to becoming a co leader at Sailboat Coaching International is to sail with us as a participant, or join us for a Mastermind program. We are most interested in how you show up, and how you integrate and support SCI culture. This includes everything from how you engage with people, team spirit, and integrity.

How much coaching experience do I need to become a co leader?
Coaching experience is the second highest priority, after how you show up. We have some very coach experienced co leaders! Honestly, it depends on the coach. If you are serious about this, get on the boat and we will see how you contribute to the team.

Where will we go?
We have a mooring booked on several islands with points of interest. On some nights we will anchor out in a quiet bay. Mostly though, we are all about chasing wind.

Will I get to sail the boat?
YES! You can drive the boat under my supervision. I will even show you how to set the sails!

What if I have never sailed?
My coleaders and I will teach you how to enjoy sailing in a fun and safe team environment. 😀

What if I get seasick?
The Gulf Islands are sheltered from the prevailing westerlies, and the water is deep. So waves don’t build up. Our 48′ catamaran handles small waves SO well, that we do not have cup holders.

What if I get seasick anyway??
I’ll be impressed! It has happened several times over the last decade, and I can offer you several remedies that will have you feeling good as new. It will pass.

When will we have our group coaching sessions?
The only way to get the whole group together is to moor or to anchor the boat. The first group coaching session is in the morning of day 1. The second is at lunch on day 2. The third around dinner on day 3.

How will we spend our days?
While we are sailing one team, or Watch, will always be minding the boat. Another Watch will be in small group exercises with one of our Coaches.  Another group will be in executive team building in the galley, under the leadership of yet another co leader.

How many people does the boat sleep?
Most of our boats sleep 10-15.

What is the difference between a Catamaran and a Monohull?
A monohull has a single hull (like a traditional sailboat).  When sailing a monohull you finely atuned to each shift in wind and wave.  A Catamaran has two hulls, and much more living space to accommodate our large group size.

Why are there three coaches on each trip?
I work together with a team of people who have different coaching gifts and styles than I do.  This ensures we are able to connect with you in more ways, and to take you deeper.

Why is there a dance party? 
Because dancing is fun! Actually, it is part of our secret plot to help you learn better.

Can we dress up?
Be sure to bring a nautical themed costume. I’ve seen Pirates, Mermaids, Vikings… Get creative and have some fun with it!