Terry has a talent for providing supportive and inspiring environments that compel you to learn and grow. Whether it’s with sailing or coaching, you can be sure you’ll gain new skills, acquire new perspectives, and develop a new taste for adventure!

Cara Bain

Artist and Designer, Cara Bain Designs

This experience has been transformational for me. I am LOVING it … investing in myself. I am blessed to be here! Terry has shown true leadership. He keeps us really focused on getting to the place that we signed up for. You have all the right elements to be successful. Where do you want to go??

Adriana Markman


Investing in yourself is the most important thing ESPECIALLY if you are an entrepreneur! This trip is WAY beyond what I expected it to be. I would recommend it to anyone! … Terry is a huge visionary… He is a great teacher!

Denise Doerksen

Independent Arbonne Consultant

When you want to change what’s happening outside, it starts within. Terry has been an amazing Captain, coach and leader for us, I’ve learned a lot from him! …I had my breakthrough! I would recommend it for anyone who wants to take that next step!

Vivian Berg

Global Business Expansion

Terry definitely helps me to talk about it, and to find my answers by giving me a different perspective. Coaching is for the person who is willing and ready to make changes in their life and wants support to get to the next level. Terry has the boat well under control. You will learn a lot, and you will quickly!

Jeremy Toews

President and CEO, Knight Carpentry

Our regular chats have been the catalyst for many thorough and stimulating explorations of core values, aspirations, and expectations in life and business. Terry’s questions are thought provoking because they often frame ordinary topics in unconventional ways, which helps me to think about them in a new light. Terry’s artistic and sometimes whimsical approach to topics provides a good counterpoint to the “blocking and tackling” fundamentals of business and finance as we find new ways to ask the question ‘why” instead of simply and monotonously pursuing the ‘how’.

Bruce Penner

COO, Momentum Healthware

After talking through decision making with Terry, it all seemed so easy and clear. Terry has a unique way of helping you figure out what you already know, you just may just have a difficult time pulling it out of your brain or articulating.

Tareena Lawrence

Registered Massage Therapist

It is good to ask the questions that I haven’t really thought about. Coaching with Terry gives me clarity. Being on the boat is AWESOME! DO IT! The scenery is gorgeous! My favorite parts are little mini adventures, exploring towers, and snorkelling. I feel 100% safe with Terry on board!

Alia Saurini

Performer, Cirque du Soliel

TerrythesailboatCoach is the best sailboat coach of all the coaches that have ever sailboat coached.

Adam Hamill

CEO, Alive Solar

We had an amazing time sailing with Terry as our Captain! In a quick hurry, he taught how to control the rudder etc. High five to Terry!

Ron Barkman

Master Farmer

Highly recommend sailing with Terry! I had a blast on our trip a few years back! I’ve been looking forward to my next opportunity to sail ever since.

Scott Kivitz

On many sailing trips, I have seen Terry earn his confidence as a Captain. Whenever I tackle a work project, relationship issue, or physical challenge that is beyond my limit, I am grateful to have this man, your future coach, at my side. Sign on for the ride of your life!

Curtis Friesen

Terry made sure everyone on board was oriented to safety equipment and procedures. Terry was aware at all times of what was going on with each other of the three other people on the boat, two of whom had never sailed before,

Terry gave commands in a succinct, assured manner.

Terry managed passengers’ angst and seasickness with kindness and courtesy. Further, I trusted Terry completely. I think I am cured of my fear of water.

Based on Terry’s strong leadership, efficient and professional, I am recommending Mr. Terry Barkman.

Ann Friesen

He’s an enthusiastic sailor with an aptitude for teaching. Terry encourages all who join him to take on a task, takes the time to help each person with the task, and confidently gives his entire team through the activities required to move the vessel safely. Terry takes his guests through basic skills and safety ideas to more advanced with an easy manner. He’s never rushed, always encouraging, and very respectful of all personalities and capabilities.

I can happily recommend Terry.

Darren Scherk

When I met for my first coaching session with Terry Barkman he was able to, not only, understand where I’m at but also to assist me at that level in order to move forward rather than backward like many other coaches in my experiences. One session with Terry was able to accomplish more than I’ve been able to accomplish for the past several weeks on my own. His skill at guiding my focus and attention to where it needed to be is no less than what I would expect from celebrity status coaches within the industry. I know exactly where and what to invest my time and energy on for the next week of my life in order to increase my personal success.

I recommend him to anyone who’s serious about finding a qualified life coach who can assist them in accelerating their own results on whatever path they’re on in life.

Edward James Kerrie

Just when you think “Terry is all about fun”, out comes this deeply caring and emphatic soul that knows the key to life starts in the heart. Every time you use a powerful question it comes from that deeply wise part of you and that’s what build trust, I think. Trust to follow your lead and trust that a truly meaningful life can also be fun. That’s what I see in you and that’s what you have inspired in me. I tend to be serious and you remind me to play.

Bonnie Volk

Terry provided insight into the area I was exploring and enabled me to envision new opportunities in how to address and show up for a challenging circumstance.

Shelly Foster Millsap