The Southern Gulf Islands

Vancouver, Canada

Dates: August 14 – 18, 2017
Focus: What’s NEXT?
Boat: 48’ Leopard Catamaran
Destinations: Montague, Ganges, Gulf Islands National Park Preserve, Poet’s Cove
Co-leader: Michelle Falcone

The Balearic Islands

Spanish Mediterranean

Dates: September 2 – 16, 2017
Focus: Sailing trip with individual coaching moments
Boats: Dufour 460, Lagoon 400, Bali 4.5
Destinations: Palma de Mallorca, The untouched beaches of Minorca

Wine and Chocolate Tour

Vancouver, Canada

Dates: May 25-30
Focus: A Bespoke trip for the Calgary Group
Boats: Monohull
Destinations: Exploring the WIND!!


Coaching Mastery

Vancouver, Canada

Dates: July 13 – 20, 2018
Boats: TBD
Destinations: Granite Falls, Deep Cove, Bedwell Bay, Deep Cove

Co Leader:  Gil Bar-Sela

Co Leader: 


2018 Taster

Vancouver, Canada

Dates: July 21st or 22nd 2018
Focus: Teaser for Adventurists and Visionaries
Boats: Monohull Named Nautoncall
Destinations: English Bay, Bowen Island

Co Leader: Gil Bar-Sela

Co Leader:  Eri Kardos


The Odyssey

Greek Mediterranean

Dates: September 8-22, 2018
Focus: Sailing Trip with individual coaching moments
Boats: Monohull
Destinations: Athens, TBD


The Mediterranean - Croatia


South Pacific

Dates: April 2019
Focus: Immersive centered around positive change
Boats: 47’ Discovery and Catamaran
Destinations: TBD
Co-leader: Helen Roberts

The South Pacific - Tahiti

In the Works:

THE WARRIORS MIND: Going deeper into human mastery! What can we learn from martial artists and their discipline?
Co-leader: Devon Boorman

What’s YOUR Story?? Choosing and creating a life that is as unique as you are
Co-leader: Tristen MacDonald Gerdes

Before Now

For over a decade I have been leading and organizing trips. In the beginning it was ice climbing, and back country skiing. By 2004 we did the first group sailing trip where I had the privilege of sailing only with friends I had taught to sail. For stories, and more than a few pictures, please see my blog.


Gil Bar-Sela

Gil combines wisdom from over a decade of  in personal development, neuroscience, leadership and social change.
He has worked with organizations such as boutique consulting firms, large financial institutions and personal development enterprises. In his coaching practice, he works with  clients to help them tap into their true power and become the fullest and brightest expression of themselves. Gil’s work is deep and transformational, and the changes his clients go through last a lifetime.
Gil’s hope for this trip is to and help you find your CORE: your unique blueprint to follow and the tools you’ll need to get there.


Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts

As an Adventure Coach, I am the best coach I can be when I work with people that want to push their edges, even if they are hesitating, that’s part of the fun.  My clients want to see what’s possible, and so I expand their thinking, to help them step into their big dream.

My style as a coach first a foremost is to let my client lead, then I push gently, kindly and persistently to have people look at what is getting in their way and where they are not seeing their natural brilliance. I’ll help you name wise actions that will move you to your more audacious goals.

For 25 years I have taught leadership skills, and as such I can help you examine you beliefs about leadership and provide you with insights from the best and the brightest in leadership development field.

Pat Carrington-House

Pat loves calling people forth to their power and their real unmasked selves.  After more than two decades of working with individuals and groups, Pat can handle the full spectrum of the human experience with ease — from difficult situations and challenging emotions, to lightness and humor -while creating a container of love, trust and respect.  His mission is to Co-create the answers with those who are present to one of the most powerful and relevant questions there is, “What is needed now?”  Whether the sailing is smooth, stormy, or fun; he taps into the synergistic brilliance of all who are present.

My intention for the participants who engage in this soulful journey with Sailboat Coaching International, is that they walk away from this experience having connected so deeply to their own true longing, that nothing will ever have the power to stop them as they move towards that longing.

Eri Kardos

I specialize in empowering people to choose their own adventure in relationships, career, and life.

People say I have a knack for diving deep, inspiring change, and moving them from a place of feeling “stuck” to being passionately connected to themselves, their relationships, their careers, and their life paths. I have a love for creating safe spaces for people to explore their whole selves – the light and the shadows. My coaching style is based on integral and somatic methods and I help clients all over the globe understand their patterns, learn new tools, and intentionally create the life and relationships they dream of.

My desire is to empower each of you to step into your fully-authentic selves and give you the tools to navigate life’s sometimes challenging waters with ease and skill. When we step off the boat, you will feel more grounded and connected in life than ever before.

Best-selling author of “Relationship Agreements.”

Sue Abuelsamid

My intention is to ask thought provoking, daring questions that challenge us all to dig below the surface and wake people up.  I am so grateful to have a huge self selected family all around the world.   I value connection, curiosity, and laughter above all else. And I strive to understand love and trust as they relate to the human condition and the capacity (and my capacity) to live in a state of grace.

My wish that for all of our participants, is an awake life designed in alignment with their real selves.

Author of “That’s a Really Good Question”

Devon Boorman

Devon Boorman is an inspiration leader, speaker, author, coach, and martial artist. He has taught seminars around the world and helped thousands of people realize their own inner-strength and purpose. Devon brings compassion and integrity to his work with a focus on breaking the bonds of conventional thinking to allow his clients to customize their own lives, relationships, and careers to most support their personal truth. Beyond coaching, Devon is the Founder and Master Instructor at Academie Duello, the world’s largest school for the study and practice of traditional European swordplay.

Michelle Falcone

Michelle Falcone

Michelle Falcone is not only a very successful business woman and Mother, but she is also an inspiring leader! She believes in the potential of every human being and is committed to helping those she works with to obtain a life full of passion and purpose.  Michelle comes from very humble beginnings and her journey in life has provided her with a beautiful gift of helping others transform their own life.  Michelle’s transformational work with various budding artists in the music industry resulted in the launching of several successful careers. Michelle is also an accomplished business woman in the event planning and restaurant industries. This includes the creation of Falconetti’s East Side Grill on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, made famous through Guy Fierie’s, Divers, Drive-ins and Dives. As a Certified Integrative Life and Business Coach, she’s expertly trained by The Ford Institute in the areas of self-awareness, relationships, and Shadow Work. As a successful entrepreneur, she facilitates annual global retreats designed to empower people to maximize their sphere of influence and live authentically.