“Scarcity thinking is an attitude” – Zander

Where is your imagination limiting you?  What would you do if you dreamed a little bigger?  If you could do ANYTHING, and you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would it be?

Talking to a close friend in a tree house recently, we agreed that anytime you can spend more time being in alignment with your values, that is worthwhile.  I used to limit myself by 100% thinking.  Unless I could be a full time professional writer, I wouldn’t write at all.  Well, I still need to earn a living somehow, so how can I create space to do more of what I love?  Many of the things that are worth doing take a long time to build.  What if that is ok?  What if I am willing to give myself the gift of time?  What might that look like?


Friends invited me to see Tony speak.  His videos never really moved me, and yet I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  A few of us coaches when to see him when he was in Vancouver.  Now I get it.  When you see him live, he OWNS the room.  He is indomitable.  His energy stays effervescent for four hours without a break!

What did I learn?  Well, that’s really not the right question.  What did I FEEL?  And yet I did learn things.  I learned to practice excellent emotional posture.  I learned to create emotion with motion.  I learned to zero in on my favorite flavor of suffering.

What is your favorite flavour of suffering?  Let’s decide that it’s not favorite anymore.



What are you willing to declare??  On a beach, not too far from the boat, our whole crew made declarations of the changes they’ve made on THIS trip!!  Change starts with intention, and continues with execution.


Shantel Thilman is riding her bicycle from Alaska to Mexico. Which is far.  Even driving that distance takes a pretty long time!  She is doing it to raise money for her Grandpa, who has Alzheimer’s.  That’s love.

Who do you love enough to do something big for?  What is the biggest thing you’ve ever done for them?

As her bike rolled through Vancouver, we were able to catch up and eat ginormous cinnamon rolls!  (Not pictured here, we ate them)  We are proud of you and we are behind you.  Good luck Shantel, as you roll on down to Mexico!!

Update:  Shantel has extended her ride down the Baja in Mexico, adding over 1000 miles!

To donate, please visit her website.

To follow her on her ongoing adventures.  😀


When you have to shovel snow off the boat to get out for a sail, you know you are committed!  Last winter, we went out for a day sail near Vancouver.  The boat was covered in snow.  The lines were frozen.  The heater below wouldn’t light, because the fuel was too cold.  It took hard work and determination, just to get ready to disembark.  My fingers were frozen from deicing the turn blocks.  But the light was fabulous!   And when the wind filled in, we got some premium winter sailing.  All of that work was really play, because of the meaning we gave to it.

That’s living!  And when we came back into harbor under sail, it was with a sense of accomplishment.  Be intrepid!  What are you willing to leave your comfort zone for? What are you willing to work extra hard to build into your life?  What is your why?