Here are a few treats from our recent adventures with TBark and the Monohullers in Spain!  20-25 knot winds were the norm.  Some days the wind really filled in!!  Castles were stormed, and fishes photobombed our snorkeling selfies.

Thanks to Frank Byl for the shot of our boat powering into the waves!   Thanks to Patrick and our friends atYacht sales west for providing the Barvaria 42 in Vancouver where the interview was shot!  Thanks to Amos Bracewell for enthusiastic interview!  Thanks to Ed Kerrie for cutting it all together!

Adam Hammil as himself

Alia Saurini as herself

Angele Arrieta as herself

Christie Pickering as herself

Jeremy Toews as himself

Josh Dolan as himself





WHAT’S NEXT?? Adriana

“I am doing something completely different! I am actually rebuilding my career… I’ve dropped everything! I am developing my OWN business!”

What Adriana articulates so well, is what it is like to experience Sailboat Coaching International as an entrepreneur.  We are fortunate to be able to sail and work together with visionary like her!  I can’t wait to see where she takes her coaching business!

WHAT’S NEXT?? Vivian

“For me, it is the genesis of a new beginning. Getting the break through that I’ve been looking for quite some time is the whole point of these coaching trips!”  Vivian Berg

Vivian brought so much energy and enthusiasm to this trip!  For one, I can’t wait to see where you are at with your declaration in a year or five!!  Keep investing in yourself and inspiring leaders you Alpha Mustang!

“You have to invest in yourself.  Everything starts with you.  Everything!   …When you want to change what’s going on outside, it starts within”

“I would recommend Sailboat Coaching International for anyone who wants to take that NEXT step!”  Vivian Berg


WHAT’S NEXT?? Michelle

“When I met Terry, I instantly knew that this was for me!  His vision is just really coming from the right place.  He is a change agent!”

Working with Michelle has been a treat!  And I can’t wait to work together with her on Sailboat Coaching International Trips in 2018!  Her enthusiasm for connecting with participants is heartwarming and inspiring.  😀



OUCH!  DAMAGE CONTROL !  If you do anything often enough, you’ll eventually get it wrong.  Sometimes things just doesn’t go your way!  After almost 25 years of sailing and chartering around the world, I have always had my complete damage deposit returned.  And then this happened.  We lost our main halyard, and consequently our mainsail was no longer usable.  Controlling damage can be a natural reaction when something didn’t go according to plan.

Now What??

Who are you when things don’t go the way you were hoping?  Do you lose control?  Do you lose perspective?  This one was disappointing.  But no one got hurt.  Other than our boat.  (boats have feelings TOO you know!)  It cost me some money out of pocket to make repairs.  Lessons were learned.  Here is to hoping it is a long time before I see another boat in pain!