What are you still curious about?  Is your curiosity growing?  When we were children, our curiosity was unlimited.  But for many of us, we learned to ask less questions.  We lost the ability to fall easily into wonder.  What if we were intentional about possibility??

It’s about being open to possibility, without attachment to a particular outcome….  It’s about letting our guards down and welcoming in the unknown, weaving intricate webs and connecting and everyone we encounter.”  Sue Abuelsamid

What intrigues me most about Sue is her Curiosity Project.  Do you get bored of talking about the same old thing all the time?  How often do you find yourself wondering how to start a more engaging conversation with someone?  What Sue has done, is created a list of questions to open up meaningful conversations.  We had coffee recently in an upscale Vancouver neighborhood, and she gave me the  gift of deeper conversation openers on pocket cards.  This is the Curiosity Project. So when you see me next, ask me about the Curiosity Project.  I can’t wait to see what card we get!!

“We could be curious, because we were unrestrained: we had stars above us and trees around us and anything was possible.”  Sue Abuelsamid