One of my favorite thing to do as I wander the docks before heading out on a sail is to check out the clever boat names and ponder over thier story.  This boat was moored next to us recently, and I LOVE the name About Time!!  

Was it a dream deferred for years?  So many people are working for the weekend, or working for retirement.  What are the sacrifices you are making, and which ones are worth it?  Was it “About Time” the owner finally learned to sail, or gave themselves the gift of being a boat owner after years of dreaming?   What dreams can you give yourself now?  What are you doing to make your now dreams your future reality?


Or was the boat named after how we spend our time?  Increasingly, I am valuing how I spend my time over how I spend my money.  Is this name about About (how we spend our) Time?   Certainly, whenever I can, I choose to spend my time at sea, with a handful of close friends who value adventure, meaningful conversation, and quality time.