When you have to shovel snow off the boat to get out for a sail, you know you are committed!  Last winter, we went out for a day sail near Vancouver.  The boat was covered in snow.  The lines were frozen.  The heater below wouldn’t light, because the fuel was too cold.  It took hard work and determination, just to get ready to disembark.  My fingers were frozen from deicing the turn blocks.  But the light was fabulous!   And when the wind filled in, we got some premium winter sailing.  All of that work was really play, because of the meaning we gave to it.

That’s living!  And when we came back into harbor under sail, it was with a sense of accomplishment.  Be intrepid!  What are you willing to leave your comfort zone for? What are you willing to work extra hard to build into your life?  What is your why?