What if we could have a meaningful and positive engagement with any of the questions our culture is asking?  For a long time, I have maintained that it isn’t possible to do so inside of a two party system.  What if I was wrong?  What would meaningful engagement look like?

If you look at the arguments being waged now inside a two party system; science vs. religion, red vs. blue, abortion vs gun control, all lives vs black lives, first amendment vs 2nd amendment…  If your position is one of the sides of these unhelpful arguments, I invite you to do better. What that exactly looks like, is a work the collective creativity to envision a positive way forward.

Because progress is not being made. You are not changing the mind of the “other” side. You are not looking at the world as it is, but from inside of a set of stories that are proving themselves to be increasingly unhelpful.

Wouldn’t you rather be a part of the solution?  What is the solution?  Well (and when I say we, I mean humanity) haven’t thought of it yet.  Even in Canada, we sometimes forget that we are not part of that two party world, and we try to take the teeth out of our thoughts and make them small enough to shoehorn into an uncomfortable crouch.

The best I have been able to do so far, is to avoid arguments with only two “sides.” For their lack of imagination, and unwillingness to see the world around them. And while I want to continue doing this, I want to do more. I want to be part of the solution. Life isn’t a true of false test. I want to see the way forward enough that we can invite others to join us.

Step outside of the argument!  Life isn’t multiple choice.  What would it look like if we could be better than that?

What if we could??